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 Social eBank & Trust Int'l.Proj.

The 'ambition' of doing Good for others should have NO limits!

Collateral or Insurance Support Agreement


From Account #: ______________________________________________________


Name: ________________________________________________________________


Amount: |____________Se$__________________________________Social-eDollar


Expiration Date: ______________/____________/201______
                          Month                Day             Year

To Account #: ________________________________________________________


Beneficiary Name: _____________________________________________________

By the present document, I agree to take responsibility for the Social eDollar debt declared in this collateral agreement IF the principal debtor (beneficiary) does not fulfill his/her obligation 30 days after the due date.



Date: ______________/____________/201                ____ 

                Month                Day                 Year



Send it by fax, mail, email attachment, or give the original to the beneficiary partner, keeping a copy if possible.

(If you send it by e-mail without a signature, your Social eBank officer will ask you to record a voice signature.)

Pope Paul VI Foundation, 1975-2018
Social eBank & Trust International Project
Copyright  1987-2018
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