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The Pro-Life Social eBank & Trust Insurance Fund is the central financial institution of a faith-based Christian laboratory, established as an international and private economy club-society for life and interdependency. It is not a barter club. It is a not-for-profit faith-based NGO (FBO) created to serve and connect communities as an online Credit Union Network. The Social eBank provides its members the accounting technology to manage a private and transnational virtual currency based on a "circulation of assets agent" concept named International Social-eDollar (Se$). The whole project, deeply committed to science, sustainability, and environmental responsibility at global levels is also known as "The Social-Dollar Brazilian Initiative." It was created in Brazil by The Pope Paul VI Foundation in 1981 and was originally named “The Social Profit Christian Network.” Its aim is to build social, technical, and intellectual capital as a strategic contribution towards a future civilization of love and life for all under The Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church. The concept of having a "forever-foreign" foreign currency as a supplemental monetary agent to facilitate the circulation of assets anywhere, designed to create a large number of unconventional jobs, was also created by the Paul VI Foundation. It is a "fiat" Central-"eBank," providing a basic educational and financial system in addition to any other related monetary and insurance services pre-designed to empower a future Solidarity Int'l. Network-Society to promote Justice, Unity, Peace and Christian Solidarity among people, especially those in need, by all morally possible means, focusing on the mother institution's mission statement: "The ‘ambition’ of doing good for others should have NO limits!"

1- To receive more information about this project or to become a memberclick here, fill out the basic contact form, and select SUBMIT. A bank officer will contact you in less than 24 hours, except on Sundays.

2- If you are a member and are running out of any of the pre-printed wallet size forms that came with your new account kit material, select and print those you may temporarily need under the Handy Forms group-link. Please don't forget to order your refill as soon as possible since these web print-outs do not contain OCR data or other scanner-ready standard information.

3- To join the TimeBank Int'l. Corps of  "Volunteers for Life" or to access the current list of services and goods available for members, click the pertinent online Data/Info link.

4- To know the basic motivation and who is behind The Int’l. Social eDollar Initiative  (as a supplementary & educational foreign currency) and the Social-eBank / TimeBank Int’l. Project, please see the History group of hyperlinks, where most of the FAQ is already answered under the "Principles" link, written in essay format.



The Bank's 24x7 toll-free number (1-866 839-5789) is restricted to members only.

General Email: info@SeeBank.Net

The Pro-Life' Social-eBank & Trust Insurance Int'l. Proj. (SeB&T)
Copyright Pope Paul VI Foundation, 1975-2018
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