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Social Bank & Trust Int'l. PROJ.

The ‘ambition’ of doing Good for others should have NO limits!
Do to others, what you would expect them do to you.(*)

Membership Policy and Basic Responsibilities
Members must abide by the following duties and responsibilities:

I. Practice the Social Bank mission-statement and the golden rule (*), by personal example, not only by words; with special commitment to always have a Good-will and Good-intention attitude, as much as possible.

II. Pre-authorize The Social Bank to record all contacts, phone contacts and transactions with the Social Bank, as a legal and essential part of this agreement.

III. Maintain a positive balance and never utilize Social-dollar for any purpose other than transactions between Social Bank partners/members.

IV. Respectfully listen to the Official on duty and especially to the Arbiter on duty, in the event of a dispute.

V. Preventively report to the Official on duty any potential loss, fraud or risk against the Community, the Social Bank, or its members and partners.

VI. Agree that any eventual negative social-dollar balance held overdrawn in my account for more than 30 days, be converted into the local currency for legal collection.

VII. Pay the lifetime membership fee in the amount of a coin of the least value of my local currency.

I hereby agree with every principle and duty of my Social Bank membership as stated above and personally reaffirming the first paragraph, I agree to do my best to live my life using both the mission statement and the golden rule as guidelines, promoting these goals not only by words but my personal example.

I publicly state my clear and complete understanding and acceptance that the main mission of any and all Social Bank officers and assistants, in relation to my person, will be the teaching, promotion and the fraternal sharing of the Christian Faith and it's values, in a very respectful and loving way, aiming for a lifetime relationship: Only relationship base on love will last; and true love always respects freedom. 

I acknowledge and completely accept, for the sake of this particular mission, hopping to achieve a lifetime relationship based on respect, mentioned in the previous paragraph, that I have no ownership rights, whatsoever, of the value of any accumulated social-dollar balance in my account, even when purchased and paid by local currency, under exchange transactions, but the sole partnership privilege to become a social-dollar agent of that balance-amount, managing its circulation in order to do good, as much as possible, as responsible as possible, for myself and for others, always committed to use things and love people, never use people and love things. ("I came to serve, not to be served" (*)Jesus Christ)

Complete Name: _______________________________________________

Sex:_______ Birthday:________/___________/________Country:_______

Spoken languages:___________ _____________ ______________

Mailing address: _____________________________________________________________

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Telephones:________________; _____________________

Date e Signature: ___________________________________________________________

Please sign, date, and send it by fax or mail. (24x7 toll free # 1 866 839-5789) If you send it by e-mail, an officer will ask you to record a voice signature.

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